Online payment best option for your company (business)

Here are the main reasons why is online payments is the best option
Online payment helps you to have better cash management
The faster you get paid, the faster you can make that money work to grow your business. So we avoid the delivery time by check mail.
Helps you avoid mistakes
When you write a check you can make mistakes on the name of the company, make a postdated check and not notify the supplier, not take correctement the information on the credit card.
Helps save you time because it takes less time than writing a check or coming to the office to pay cash.

You must be a Canadian resident to receive the governmental RESP grant.

The tax-exempt RESP status only applies to Canadian residents. If the subscriber or account holder is a non-resident, he or she may be required to pay taxes on any income earned in the RESP account as well as on capital gains, in accordance with the rules of his / her country of residence.

If the recipient of a RESP account becomes a non-resident, the account can be retained as is, but no contributions can be made and grants are not paid. If the beneficiary returns to Canada and restores the place of residence in Canada, contributions may again be paid and grants will be paid on contributions. No subsidy will accrue during the period in which the beneficiary was a non-resident.

If the beneficiary has left Canada and is likely to return to Canada, it is logical to keep the RESP account in place. If the beneficiary does not return to Canada, you should consider closing the account.

The beneficiary does not need to be a Canadian resident to use the RESP money for post-secondary education. However, a non-resident will lose the amount of his or her RESP grant.

The money from an RESP can be used to attend a Canadian or a non-Canadian post-secondary school.
The beneficiary must be a Canadian resident for RESP grants to be paid into the RESP account. If the beneficiary is not a Canadian resident, an existing RESP can be maintained – but no contribution can be made.