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Lilia Chiper is a candidate for the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants Canada.

Lilia Chiper has a degree in Accounting in Europe (Academy of Economic Studies) also in Canada (HEC Montreal), with more than 15 years of accounting experience, being responsible for the accounting of several companies in Europe and Canada.

What sets you apart from other accountants?

I love working with people and I feel that people also like working with me. They recognize me for my professionalism, but also end up becoming friends.

Who needs your services?

Whether you are a business owner, self-employed worker or single worker everyone may need advice and support in accounting, tax or periodic tax reporting. When it comes to management accounting, you need services that will measure your performance every month rather than once a year. This will 

allow you to make informed decisions based on recent and accurate data because you will have greater knowledge of your business.

What satisfies you most in your profession?

Make my customers happy! And because they are, they call me back for new transactions or recommend me to their friends and neighbors. My success is largely attributed to the references.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

Everything is a question of service! My clients know themselves in good hands because I accompany them from beginning to end.

How do you perceive your future?

I always imagine working in the tax accounting field by continuing to learn from each new transaction.